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Meet the new owners . . .

Karie and Kurt Kelder and Frances and Peter Kruger – two local couples who are raising their families in Cloverdale and investing in their community wholeheartedly.

“Your Cloverdale Community Market is in good hands,” the new owners promised. “We have been overwhelmed with the incredible support and gratitude from our community over the past 3 weeks since the ownership change – and we are committed to continuing the Dahlia & Sage mission of bringing fresh, high quality, healthy food to Cloverdale.”

Kurt and Karie Kelder moved to Cloverdale from the bustling Bay Area in 2001. They were looking for the perfect place to settle down and raise a family – and they found it here. They launched Kelder Engineering in 2005. Kurt has decades of experience as a civil engineer and Karie has been in the sheet metal industry for 30 years. The Kelders have three daughters, Grace, Zoe & Claire, who you will find either shooting goals on the soccer field, playing their instruments loud and proud, or dribbling down the basketball court.  

Frances & Peter Kruger have lived in Cloverdale since 2004. Peter, a Master Brewer, is the Chief Operating Officer for Bear Republic Brewing Company and has been in the craft beer industry since 1993. Frances worked with the Alexander Valley Film Society and prior to that was involved in the wine industry for 15 years. The Krugers have two daughters, Eleanor and Abigail, who have their father’s quick wit, their mother’s charm and their own sparkling and sweet personalities. 

Dahlia & Sage is not only a source for great food – it’s a place to build a healthier community. The Krugers and Kelders are excited about the possibilities to come (think food education courses, community projects and we are hoping to bring a curated list of beer and wine to the market) and at the same time they look forward to continuing the original commitment of Dahlia and Sage Community Market – fresh food, local flavor, and ethically produced goods.

“We’ll see you at the market!”